Exchange America: A New Option in Real Estate

Welcome to Exchange America

We are an exciting, new state-of-the-art Real Estate Marketplace and we think you will like us! Keep reading to learn more about Exchange America and your new option in real estate!

What type of User do we serve?

At Exchange America, we are pleased to welcome both Realtors and Private Party (individuals acting on their own, not contracted with a Realtor) who want to buy, sell, exchange (1031s) or trade (non 1031s) real estate to join in on an exciting new Web experience, where buyers can play an equal part. Or as we like to say, “Connecting people with properties and properties with people!”

What kind of properties does Exchange America work with?

Properties may be any type of property considered real estate or real property, including raw and improved land and sale lease-back properties.  We work with all of them, anywhere in the US and US Virgin Islands!

How does Exchange America work?

Start by creating an account with us to become a member, which is completely free! Next, start placing a listing in our searchable database with a text or photo-ad for free, or an enhanced ad for a low, introductory price.

As a member of our marketplace, you’ll be able to list and advertise and buy, sell and/or exchange properties, using our “free” and low-cost “enhanced advertising and marketing services” to facilitate your property goals. As a member, you will be able to connect with other buyers, sellers and exchangors, Realtors, lenders and other industry resources by scheduling private chat and online meetings. Or you can make a request for them to schedule a meeting with you!

With our interactive platform of live chat and virtual meeting rooms, there’s no travel time or expense involved, you can do business from anywhere from the safety and comfort of your own home or office. We hope the experience will be both fun and productive for all. Real estate industry resources will be encouraged to offer deals and incentives to all of our users too.

Give us a try for a new way to buy, sell or exchange real estate

With the ambitious concept of being both comprehensive and proactive and yet as User-Friendly as possible, we welcome your comments on our feedback form. Your experiences here will be invaluable in helping shape our future and, hopefully, yours too. Ready to get started?

Create an account. Your user registration and text or photo-text listing will be totally FREE! 

Put your property in our database and on the map

Search properties in our database

Welcome to Exchange America, an exciting new option in real estate!

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