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As you know, helping your clients buy and sell a home or investment property involves assisting them with making some of life’s most important decisions. At Exchange America, LLC, we partner with you to provide you with more options to present to them so they can make the right ones. 

I began my real estate career with Grubb & Ellis Company in Southern California in 1975 and am currently an Independent Owner Broker, based in Colorado and Arizona.  Shortly after I began my career, business activities included developing proactive marketing skills to survive the challenging market of the mid 1980s, in addition to conducting residential and commercial transactions as well as property development, from the ground up. 


If you own Investment property, consider an IRC 1031 Exchange

Today’s real estate climate, while not as challenging as that of the mid 80s, can still make use of proactive real estate marketing techniques which involve thinking outside the box. For instance, real estate 1031 Exchanges and Trades can often allow people some unique opportunities. Furthermore, an IRC 1031 Exchange may allow the opportunity to defer capital gains from the property being sold or “Relinquished” into a newly acquired or “Replacement” property and both 1031 Exchanges and Trades may offer the opportunity to introduce two sellers with two unsold properties and create two sales where before the properties may have remained unsold. 

What if you own a Personal Residence? 

Exchanging or Trading your property may also benefit you by creating a secondary marketing advantage even if you’re unable to defer a Capital Gain, at least this time around.  Give me your Client’s property goals, like moving their current Home equity into another home or business anywhere in the US or a US Territories.  Thus, you may open up a whole new marketplace and selling tool for yourself. 

Furthermore, if the situation fits, it is also possible to convert a Personal Residence into an Investment Property.  Please discuss this in detail with your 1031 financial adviser. 


In today’s world of tight credit markets, Corporate Sale Leasebacks may also offer proactive options for both government and private entities as well as their investors. In this scenario, investors acquire public or private single-tenant or multi-tenant real property and then lease the property back to their former owner at competitive terms.  

This transaction can create an attractive, secure investment and tax deductions for your investor while, at the same time, it can allow a public company or private corporation to take a real estate liability off its balance sheet and provide them with up to 100% of the cash value of their real property to use in what they know best, their business. This unlocked capital might offer the business an attractive competitive edge in tough economic times. The exchangeamerica.com database is evolving to help you and your client facilitate these goals. 

If you have questions about how these techniques might benefit you, please contact me at 970-749-3454 (call or text) to arrange for a confidential consultation or email me at

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message

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