Sellers and Sellers’ Realtors

Buyer’s need you to make the real estate market happen! Here you can sell a house or an investment property online and you can find Buyers here too!

We have an exciting new platform to offer you,
whether you are:

A Seller or Seller’s Realtor who simply wants to sell a property;

A Seller doing a 1031 IRC Exchange, who needs to “Replace” a property that has been “Relinquished”; or

A Seller wanting to do a Trade (non 1031) if you need to Sell a property in order to Buy another.

Your User Registration and Seller Text or Photo-Text Listing will be totally free!

You pay a small fee only if you choose to place an Enhanced Ad and/or schedule a Chat or Meeting Room.*

*If you’re a Private Party and ask to be matched to a Realtor, It’s an industry standard for a Receiving Broker to pay
a Referring Broker a Referral fee at Closing, but no fee will be required from you to us for this service.

Click HERE to put your property in our Database and on the Map
Click HERE if you want to search properties in our Database

Today it’s possible to buy and sell almost anything you can dream up online, from clothing to groceries, cars, electronics and yes now you can even sell a house or Real Estate online – and it makes a lot of sense! In many cases buyers are looking at buying a house out of their local area.  Selling a house online can make it easy for you to find more buyers without them making lots of trips between their current and future home. Exchange America is just the right Real Estate Marketplace to facilitate selling your House, Real Estate or Property online.  Start your search now!

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