Real Estate Marketplace an Exciting Option for Exchangors and Traders

exchangors and traders

A new type of real estate marketplace is here, and it is changing the way people conduct Exchanges (1031s) and Trades (non 1031s) of real estate online. Learn how Exchange America offers exciting opportunities for Exchangors and Traders.

Exchanging vs. trading

Real estate Exchangors usually deal with the exchange of Investment Properties and the desire to defer their gains through a Tax-Deferred IRC 1031 Exchange, and Traders usually deal with personal, non-investment type properties – like trading a personal residence in California for a home in New York, due to a job transfer or other opportunity. In either case, both are looking for more than one property and both will find the opportunities for matching here exciting and endless. Learn more about Exchange America’s Exchange and Trade services

What is meant by a “Contingent” Buyer and Seller?

Exchangors and Traders are often doing two transactions so we use the term “Contingent” in our database and advertising to allow them to make it clear that they are putting two properties forth simultaneously.  That is, an Exchangor, selling a property to be “Relinquished” as part of a 1031 transaction may pursue its Replacement(s) at the same time by acting as a “Contingent” Seller.  Traders may likewise complete our Sell Form for the Property they want to sell and then complete the Buy Form for the Property they want to Buy as a “contingent” Seller. 

Conversely, both Exchangors and Traders may complete the Buy form for the property they want to Buy or Replace and the Sell form for the property they want to sell or Relinquish as a “contingent” Buyer (meaning that they need or want to Buy before or when they Sell).  They may also place two ads, one for the Have property and one for the property Wanted in our online database simultaneously, at no additional cost; immediately upon submitting one, they should submit the other.  They may then relate their 2nd property submission in our “URL” Map section below too!

Exchange real estate with Exchange America

Exchangors who want more choice in selecting “Replacement” properties and with “Relinquishing” their current properties will find our site very friendly to their goals.  As noted above, you may enter a property you wish to (Sell) Relinquish and the type of property you want to (Buy) Replace it with on our Sell and Buy forms and associate or link the two listings both on our Map and in our searchable online database!  You may also locate and meet with other Buyers, Sellers, and Exchangors, with 1031 Intermediaries and other industry resources in our Online Meeting and Chat Rooms, by requesting an appointment online.  In addition, there are also ways an Exchangor may turn an investment property into a Personal one.

Trade real estate with Exchange America

Traders wanting to exchange Personal (and/or Investment*) real estate can do so through our marketplace as described above.  As with Exchangors, Traders make link their two Have and Want properties on our map and in our searchable online database!  *Traders may also combine personal and investment property

Using the Exchange America platform to reach your audience

As a member of our marketplace, you will be able to Exchange or Trade properties using our “Free”  entry level or “Enhanced” paid advertising services to facilitate your property goals. Enhanced Advertising includes using more than a one photo in your ad or adding a map or other attachment. You may also place a Featured Ad for Homepage exposure, or a Slideshow Walk thru Ad and/or a Video Walk thru Ad. Trading your property has never been easier!

So why use Exchange America for your trading or exchange needs? Not only do we provide a unique marketplace for both Exchangors and Traders, but many of our entry-level services, like Database and Text or Photo-Text Ads are free!  We also offer introductory and low-cost “Enhanced Marketing” options to enrich your marketing opportunities.  The end goal is to offer Exchangors and Traders the real estate platform they want with more options and a lot less hassle than traditional sites.

How to start trading or exchanging real estate with Exchange America

The process to get started is easy! Start by creating a FREE account. Once you have signed up, you can look at properties for trade, and list your own real estate for trade. Use our free services or upgrade to our enhanced services to promote your property. Connect with others looking to trade by using our virtual services. It is that easy! Exchange America is changing the real estate industry, connecting people with properties and properties with people! Learn more by visiting our website today!

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