Exchange America Partners with Asset Preservation Inc. to Better Serve Clients

Exchange America, a premiere real estate marketplace for buyers, sellers, traders and exchangors, is pleased to announce their impending online relationship with Asset Preservation Inc.; a relationship that will enhance Exchange America’s current service offerings in the real estate industry to better serve their customers and clients. Exchange America offers a unique, multi-faceted virtual real estate marketplace for their users and their association with API will provide a professional expertise that will elevate those abilities and open up opportunities to serve investors and buyers and sellers with an interest in the benefits of exchanging properties.

Who is Asset Preservation Inc.?

Asset Preservation Inc. is a leading national 1031 IRC Exchange company, committed to providing its exchange clients with unmatched service and the highest level of security available in the 1031 industry. From the customer’s first contact with an API representative, API’s professional exchange counselors, attorneys and accountants work together to meet their client’s service needs in order to ensure a smooth and successful transaction with no surprises. API management maintains the tight financial controls and multi-layered security systems necessary to provide the highest level of comfort and the quality of performance, relied on by sophisticated investors and Corporate America.

How this partnership benefits Exchange America Clients

Exchange America already offers services to help facilitate an exchange online through their virtual real estate marketing platform. Doing an IRC 1031 Tax Exchange online with Exchange America makes it easy for clients to find a new place to exchange their real estate equities without making lots of trips between properties. With their association with API, Exchange America will be able to further enhance those services by providing even more in-depth professional resources, industry-specific materials, and other marketing support to help facilitate the 1031 Exchange process.

Combining the industry expertise and online platform of Exchange America with the resources of Asset Preservation Inc. will benefit clients looking to trade or exchange properties. Current economic conditions have presented challenges to those who look to execute a real estate exchange in the traditional fashion. By enabling the process to be done virtually, Exchangors will find the ability to execute a transaction in a more simple, straightforward and timely fashion by leveraging Exchange America’s options for communication and API’s expertise, including Live Chat Room or Live Meeting Room options, to get real time answers to questions and to negotiate their exchanges.

To learn more about how Exchange America can assist with exchanges, visit our Exchangors and Traders page. Learn more about API by visiting their website. We look forward to finalizing this unique relationship soon, so follow us on our social channels, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed about this exciting new opportunity!

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