Exchange America Offers a Powerful Tool for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

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The real estate market continues to be competitive, and Real Estate Agents and Brokers are always seeking new and innovative ways to help their clients buy and sell their homes and ways to increase their professional exposure. Exchange America offers a powerful tool to help them do just that!

What is Exchange America?

Exchange America is a unique Online Meeting and Marketplace, related database, and advertising platform of and for Real Estate Brokers and Agents. It is also for unlisted Buyers and Sellers, and for Exchangors wanting to do 1031 Exchanges, involving Investment Properties and, Traders, wanting to exchange Personal and/or Investment real estate. Both Exchangors and Traders are involved with more than one personal and/or investment property need, providing twice the matching opportunities! Property may be any type of property considered Real Property, including Land, Improved Property and Sale Lease-Back Properties as well.

How can Exchange America help connect Real Estate Agents and Brokers with Buyers and Sellers?

Buying and selling real estate has become more challenging lately, but Exchange America can help Real Estate Agents and Brokers connect directly with an unlisted Buyer or Seller that may be a match for their listing!  Furthermore, these buyers and sellers may also have requested Realtor help through our Broker Assist program. Then meet online virtually with interested parties through our Live Online Meeting or Chat Room options, which allows real estate professionals to communicate with those interested in connecting with them about a property. This can greatly enhance the likelihood of a transaction happening, as interested parties can now connect with a Real Estate Agent or broker and not be prohibited by the inability to meet in person.

For a limited time, Real Estate Agents and Brokers can get free, entry-level visual listing exposure!

Real Estate Agents and Brokers can reach beyond the usual avenues for attracting home buyers and sellers by placing a low-cost, photo ad for properties for only $25 – FREE for a limited time or Text Ad.  The Photo Ad may include one photo, a Title Line, and up to 200 words of text about the property being advertised.  Real Estate Agents representing Buyers may place a Property Wanted Photo-text Ad, using Exchange America’s selection of Residential, Commercial, and Land Photo Gallery default photos and text about the property desired. 

There are also Enhanced Seller options, like online Walk-thru Ads that can be used to further attract buyers or sellers to your listed property. These ads can be live videos or slideshows of the property.  Ads will be published for 30 days and appear in their applicable Map location and searchable in our online database.  Listings may be renewed for 2 additional 30-day increments, up to 90 days.  For paid ads, there’s no additional cost for the renewals  Ads may also be canceled or modified, as needed.

How else does Exchange America help Real Estate Agents and Brokers?

Exchange America can connect those looking for an Agent or Broker with a real estate professional, providing Real Estate Agents and Brokers the opportunity to gain more business through new connections exclusively through Exchange America. While the platform allows Buyers and Sellers to list and view properties on their own, many still seek the assistance of a real estate professional. Exchange America can help connect interested buyers and sellers with a professional that can assist in the real estate transaction process.

Exchange America is a fun, proactive, innovative, and exciting new way to buy, sell, trade, or exchange real estate. Real Estate Agents and Brokers can take advantage of this new service to elevate their efforts online today.

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