Exchange America Offers a New Way to Buy and Sell Real Estate

buy and sell real estate

Real estate buyers and sellers have long had to deal with the cumbersome process that surrounds real estate. The same way of doing business in real estate has been around for so many years and is so ingrained in the industry that no one saw that buying and selling could ever be done differently, but it can! Exchange America offers a new way to buy and sell real estate!

A new type of real estate market for Buyers

Traditionally, real estate listings have been a one-way communication format: buyers can see what properties are for sale, but sellers rarely know about who in the market is looking to buy. That changes with Exchange America!

  1. Whether you’re a Buyer who simply wants to buy a property,
  2. a Buyer doing a 1031 IRC Exchange who needs to relinquish a property to replace it with another, or
  3. a Buyer doing a non 1031 trade who wants to buy a property but needs to sell one first (or do both simultaneously),

we have exciting options for you on our platform!

Buyers and Buyers’ realtors drive the real estate business, and we offer more for Buyers on our platform. Simply register on our site, then enter the type, location, and budget for the property you want to buy.

 If you are looking for a local Realtor, a 1031 Intermediary or other professional help to assist you, we can help with that too. Your information will go in our database and appear on the Exchange America map for Sellers to make you offers. We bring sellers to you!  You can also look at properties for sale. The choice is yours!

Making it easier to sell your property

Our mission at Exchange America is to connect people with properties and properties to people. Sellers will love how easy it is to sell properties with Exchange America. Start by registering with our site. Then you can list your property in our database to be searched. Your listing will also go on our map to be visible to Buyers looking to buy their next property. What makes Exchange America valuable to Sellers is the ability to advertise and meet virtually with potential Buyers in a fun, new, and proactive way!

Furthermore, Sellers, your Buyer might already be in our database, looking for exactly the property you want to sell. Sellers can also list their property for FREE with us, or take advantage of some of our enhanced advertising options to elevate the visibility of the property they’re trying to sell. When you relate to a potential Buyer, you have the option to meet virtually via private chats and online meetings. Sellers can schedule private chats and online meetings or make a request for Buyers to schedule a meeting with you. We make selling so much easier!

Exchange America offers a whole new way to buy and sell real estate. And from the safety and convenience of your own home or office.  Learn more by visiting our website today.

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