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Is your Seller anxious to sell a current property in order to buy another?  Alternatively, would your Buyer like to buy a property before they sell one? Have you or they considered a Trade for other Personal Real Estate or a 1031 Exchange for Investment Real Estate?   Whether their goal is to “move” equity across the street or across the country, this proactive approach may facilitate a deal (or two) for you and your Client.  You’ll also be a hero to your client and may save them from substantial tax exposure, if a 1031 is their goal.

Best of all, you owe us nothing unless we make something happen for you and your client!

How do we get paid?  If we locate the right property for you for your Client, you simply agree to pay us a 20% Referral Fee – from your commission at closing – if a property we locate for you results in a Sale, Purchase, Trade or 1031 Exchange.  Meanwhile, until we find you a match, you are still free to match your client with a buyers and/or sellers on your own and owe us nothing, so what have you got to lose?

Further, another goal of our service is to match participating Brokers and Agents with unaffiliated Buyers and Sellers that wish to participate.  If we provide you with a Client that results in a sale, purchase, exchange or trade, the referral fee will be 25% of the listing and/or sale side of your commission at closing.  You are not obligated to pay a fee to us unless we produce for you!  How easy is that?!?  

Put my many years of real estate experience, Databases, and contacts to work for you and let’s make a sale!

If you’re a Buyer or Seller, working with a Realtor, please have them contact me.  If you’re not working with a brokerage, and need help locating one, please feel free to contact Brooke ( directly.

Thank you for your interest in our services and let’s get to work facilitating your real estate goals!

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