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Where Buyers, Sellers, Exchangors and Realtors can List, Advertise and Meet Virtually to buy and sell Real Estate in a fun new, proactive way!

A new type of Real Estate Marketplace

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Sellers, your Buyers may already be in our Database!

Our goal is to provide a multi-faceted, virtual Website to offer each Buyer, Seller, Exchangor and Trader a unique platform for them to facilitate their personal and investment, residential and commercial, real estate goals nationwide – including Hawaii, Alaska and the US Virgin Islands.

Buy Houses Online!  ~  Sell Houses Online!

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A new type of Real Estate Marketplace

We offer a secure, multi-layered platform with unique features, like Online Meeting and Chat Rooms to get immediate answers, negotiate terms and more. Buyers can also describe the property they want to buy and request offers! You can hire a Realtor or Lender. Reserve a Meeting Room and share and negotiate in Real Time from anywhere, no travel time and expense needed.

Enhanced Real Estate Ad Pricing

Photo Ad

Property 1-Photo Ad
  • Property Live for 30* Days
  • Quick Personal Access
  • Single Property Photo
  • Essential Property Information
  • Property Visitor Stats
  • 2, 30-Day Free Renewal Options
  • Display Property on The Map
$ 25 For 30 Days
Free For Limited Time

Featured Ad

Your Ad goes on the Homepage!
  • Display Property on Frontpage for 30 days
  • Property Live on Map for 30* Days
  • Property Live in Database for 30* Days
  • Quick Personal Access
  • Single Property Photo
  • 2nd Property Photo Option
  • Or add Floor, Plat or Architectural Plan
$ 75 /Ad/Month

Video / Slideshow Ad

Property with Video or Slideshow Images
  • All Photo Ad Features
  • Video Walk-Through of Property or
  • Slideshow Walk-Through of Property
$ 50 /Ad/Month

Commercial Advertising Package

We offer cost-effective packages for Commercial advertisers. Our Enhanced Commercial Package includes up to 6 pages for an Executive Summary, Brokerage Piece, Brochure, Floorplan, Aerial or Plat Map, Demographics’ Piece or your choice of input!  Ad Package is good for up to 90 days with your monthly renewal.


Submit Your Text-Only Ad for FREE HERE | Photo Ad is FREE too for a Limited time HERE

Virtual Real Estate Meeting Options​

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Save Travel expenses!

Reserve your Live Chat Room or Live Meeting Room to Meet In Person or Anonymously to get Real-Time answers to your questions or to negotiate with another Advertiser, Broker, Lender or Resource Provider Or ?
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